Why we home school…

First, we believe that God has placed the primary responsibility for the training and education of children on their parents (Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it). This is a sacred trust given strictly to parents and no one else. We believe that Parents will be held accountable by God for the training and education their children receive (whether they are homeschooled or not).

Therefore, parents who utilize others to be the primary teachers and trainers of their children must still be actively involved in their children's training.

Since we feel that God requires our involvement to such a degree, being highly educated people who are familiar with educational theory and practice, we see no need to involve outside teachers to do what we believe we are more than capable and required by God to do.

Second, Teaching = training! If we, as parents are to train up our children, then we feel that we must also be the ones who do most of the teaching as well

Furthermore, we feel that as parents, only we know our children well enough to be able to design and implement an individualized approach to learning and schooling that will uniquely challenge and expose our children to educational material that keeps them interested and will create life long learners.

Finally, we feel that a home school environment offers:

#1 superior academics that do not need to compromise our family’s values and religious beliefs ,

#2 a safer learning environment (free of worrisome distractions, negative social pressures & violence. Children get enough of this from their neighborhood and other social situations - they certainly don't need it in their school),

#3 more creative and hi-tech learning experiences than what most school districts are able to offer (we plan to use traditional academic content delivered via modern or hi-tech programs),

#4 better connectivity between academic material and how it is applied to real life (we can take the time and effort to show how Math, English, Science etc., are used in everyday life whereas most public schools simply cannot do so in a regular or meaningful way),

#5 and individualized attention that our children may need given the unique way they came into our family & this world (if a problem develops, we feel that we can catch it sooner and deal with it better since we can give them much more individual attention than they would receive in the public school system. And as a home school, we would be free from the restrictive school schedule which would further allow us to pursue alternative resources that might be needed to help our children succeed in getting the best education possible that will prepare them for adult life).

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