Cornerstone Academy Goals

"Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. He who believes in it will never be dismayed." Isa. 28:16

GOAL: To train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, so that they come to know and trust Christ in all things, and are adequately prepared for the calling He has on their lives, and that they, in turn, will pass on their faith someday to their children.

Please note this list is evolving and changing as we grow. Some things wil be reached relatively quickly - some are lifelong skills. We will updated/revise this list yearly.

1) True Biblical Spirituality and relationship with Jesus Christ

  1. develop an ever deepening love and abiding with Christ
  2. developing a quiet time of prayer and Bible reading
  3. Mastery and understanding of cardinal doctrines of the faith and how to correctly interpret Scripture
  4. Mastery of how to apply their faith and God's Word to life's situations
  5. How to properly and effectively communicate the love and gospel of Christ
  6. How to identify and use their gifts in service and to identify God's calling on their life.
  7. Learn to be thankful and content! "Focus on what you have - not on what you don't have"
2) The Stewardship of Life
  1. proper and respectful social conduct - obedience - being gracious and polite but firm with boundaries - how to sit still, etc. - not gossip or fight.
  2. Safety issues (911, fires, emergencies, telephone and address, name and parents names, staying with Mommy & Daddy, obedience)
  3. Doing our part in the family (respecting parents, loving siblings, chores)
    - daily and weekly chores with rewards or grades?
    - proper roles in the family and responsibilities
  4. How to treat elderly and church people
  5. How to handle money and God's resources (savings, frugality, credit, budgeting, tithing)
  6. Learning a trade (teen years)
  7. Dating and romance and how to treat the opposite sex
3) ENGLISH - especially the joy of reading!!
  1. read to them and with them A LOT
  2. proper use of grammar
  3. how to write well
  4. be well read and exposed to classics and current events (Bible, Christian works, Shakespeare, Beowulf, Twain, etc)
  5. How to spell correctly and possess a good vocabulary
4) Math - be able to master basic math skills for everyday life in the modern world
  1. be prepared to master math specific to capabilities and career goals/calling (college prep?)
5) Science
  1. be able to understand how the world around them works
  2. study Christian science (ie Creation, etc)
  3. college prep - as calling needs
  4. see the Glory and majesty of God in creation
6) Social Studies
  1. understand overall scope of History from the Biblical perspective.
  2. understand the key events that shaped Western civilization (Greek and Roman empires & accords, Feudalism, Rise of Democracy, Fall of Rome, Rise of Islam and Hinduism, Reformation, Am & French Revolutions, Civil War, WW I & II, other conflicts, communism and the cold war, etc)
  3. Understand church history - basic overview and key people and events and how they contributed to Western civilization.
  4. Citizenship and workings of US government
    - Study declaration & constitution. How laws are passed, each branch of government, voting, rights, etc.
    - Study how Christian interact with these things - challenges.
7) Art
  1. How to recognize basic art movements in history and famous artists
  2. Music appreciation and theory
  3. Master either vocal or instrumental music (their choice)
  4. How to: paint, sketch, sculpt, photography, etc.
8) Technology
  1. How to use computers and software
  2. Basic programming fundamentals
  3. Career/calling specific
9) Physical Education
  1. Basic fitness and hygiene
  2. Learn specific sports practice and rules
  3. Health Curriculum

7:00 Boys get up / dress / breakfast
8:30 School begins
Do chores and stewardship of life stuff
Devotions and time of prayer
9:00-12:00 Core Studies
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 Reading/Playtime
4:00 Straightening up and preparing for dinner

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